Compact Camping Trailers FAQ

Compact Camping Trailers FAQ

Here are a few questions we regularly receive from our customers.  If you do not find the information you are looking for, please email us!  We are happy to help.  or give us a call at 503.390.3152.

Is building a Compact Camping Trailer Right for me?

Our book, ABC's of Trailer Building, tackles that question.  We focus on the discerning DIY campers who take pride in building something on their own, or having one of the most unique and durable compact trailers on the road that we can build for them.  With basic knowledge and skills, you can build an Explorer Box Trailer (Construction Manual) available to purchase) or a Dinoot Jeep Style Trailer (sold in bundles) in a few weekends.

Why are some products in the store not available to add to my cart?

Some of the products we offer for sale, i.e., frame, Harbor Freight Smooth Ride Retrofit Springs, etc. are large and require either UPS or freight shipping.  We want to give you the best price available.  The only way we can do this is by zip code.  Email us with your zip code so we can determine the best shipping rate.

After we determine the best shipping rate, we will email an invoice so you may order the products and pay the best shipping rate available.

Why is the quantity selection no longer on the product page?

The quantity button is available in the cart.  If you wish to order more than one set or product, select in the cart.

Why is the shipping so high when I add several items to my cart?

If the shipping rate seems inordinately expensive, send us an email.  We may be able to combine certain products and reduce the amount of shipping.

I added lots of product to my cart but it says you cannot ship to my address?

If you are unable to complete your order due to no shipping, contact us.  Our shipping calculator will error at a certain point.  We are working on this problem.  To mitigate this, we can send you an invoice and give you the best shipping rate, just contact us.

Can I order a Jeep Style Dinoot Trailer from the store?

Our Jeep Style Dinoot Trailer Kits are now priced in "Bundles" so you will know the cost of the kit.  You cannot add them to your cart until we secure a shipping quote.  We want you to get the best deal with the best shipping and everything you need to complete your Dinoot.  Send us an email from our contact page and we will work with you to figure out exactly what will be your perfect Jeep Style or M416 M-Series Dinoot Trailer Kit.  We will then email you an invoice that you can complete in our store.  Its that simple!

I need more towers or corners than are available for a Trailer Rack No Weld Bracket Kit.

If you need additional towers or corners than what is available from clicking on the quantity box, 4, 8 or 12, just send us an email from our contact page.  We design and build the Trailer Racks and Awning Racks here in Oregon which are exclusively offered at Compact Camping Concepts.  We are knowledgeable and able to get you exactly what you will need to build the best Trailer, Pickup Truck Bed or Awning Rack!

I need a full No Weld Rack System with Crossbars, I can't find it in the store?

We do offer full No Weld Rack Systems with Towers, Corner Brackets and Crossbars.  Our Utility Trailer No Weld Full Rack.  We also offer each set made for your particular rig, so we ask that you email us your needs from the contact page and we will give you a quote on both the Complete System and Shipping.

Why aren't your books available to buy?

We have recently digitized the ABC's of Trailer Building in a download format that is available exclusively in our store. The Explorer Box Trailer Construction Manual is available exclusively as a download.  We are no longer printing or offering hard copies due to popular demand both nationally and internationally.

Is there a place where I can ask questions about building a DIY Trailer or Rack system?

Yes!  We sponsor a forum;, where we have build threads and all types of info about trailer builds, rack builds, frame builds and what's going to be coming in the future. We are available by phone and are experts in Trailer Supported Adventuring.

Can I call to ask questions?

We look forward to your call at 503.390.3152!  If we are unable to answer, email us at 

What does Out of Stock and In Production mean?

This means we are sold out at the moment, but are expecting the items to be available to ship on the dates specified.  All our products are made locally in Oregon, USA.  They are available to order so when we receive the product and as we fill the orders whomever ordered first, receives their order first.

All of our products are exclusive to Compact Camping Concepts.  Due to the volume of orders, there may be a delay in production.  Due to the pandemic and closures, some of our parts are slow to arrive.

Why didn't I get a receipt for my order?

Our store automatically sends receipts for your order to the email you specified in your sign up.  If you did not add to your contacts it may have gone into your junk mail folder.  Please check the junk folder of your mail client and make sure you typed in your email correctly.  If you need a copy, email us at and we will send a copy!

I didn't receive my download.  What do I do?

If you purchased one of our digital manuals and cannot find your download - check your download file.  Our system will download the manual to the file you specify to download to on your device.  It also may be in your junk file folder if we aren't in your contacts list.  If you still can't find it, email us at and we will help you out.

Can I make payments on my purchase?

We do not offer installment payments, but PayPal does offer four easy payments on purchases up to $600.  Interest free.  Simply check out with PayPal and follow their prompts.

Why can't I sign in once I make a purchase or see my previous orders?

When you make a purchase, you can sign up for marketing emails (updates and new product announcements).  However, this does not set up an account where your previous orders are stored.  To do that, you have to register an 'account'.  Then you can log in when you visit and see all your orders listed.  We also offer a "Shop" app that will send you updates on shipping that you may download.

What if my order is delayed by the USPS or UPS?

If there is a delay by USPS on your tracking information or by UPS, do not contact them directly.  Email us at and allow us to do it as the "Shipper".  If you initiate the claim/inquiry, we cannot access any further information through them.  Only you can.  If we handle it, we can keep you updated and take the lead.

Do you ship internationally?

We are sorry to say, we do not ship internationally.  

Why am I not receiving emails you've sent me?

We respond from  Please check your junk mail folder for emails you are expecting from us.  Then, add us to your contacts so you will receive any follow up emails or future mailing.

Can I cancel the order I just made?

You can send an email, or give us a call if you need to cancel an order that has not shipped.  We may charge a four to five percent credit card fee on cancellation.

I live in Hawaii or I live in Alaska do you ship here?

We do ship USPS to these locations, however, UPS charges a higher rate to these two areas.  Call or send us an email at so we can work out a solution!