Compact Camping Trailers FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions we regularly receive from our customers.  If you do not find the information you are looking for, please give us a call or email us!  We are happy to help.


Is building a Compact Camping Trailer Right for me?

Our book, ABC's of Trailer Building, tackles that question.  We focus on the discerning DIY campers.  With basic knowledge and skills, you can build an Explorer Box Trailer (Construction Manual available to purchase) or a Dinoot Jeep Style Trailer (sold in bundles) in a few weekends.

Why are some products in the store not available to add to my cart?

Some of the products we offer for sale, i.e., frame, Harbor Freight Smooth Ride Retrofit Springs, Custom or off the shelf Axles, etc. are large and require either UPS or freight shipping.  We want to give you the best price available.  The only way we can do this is to have you call or email us with your zip code so we can determine the best shipping rate.

Why is the shipping so high when I add several items to my cart?

If the shipping rate seems inordinately expensive, give us a call or an email.  We may be able to combine certain products and reduce the amount of shipping.

Can I order a Jeep Style Dinoot Trailer from the store?

Our Jeep Style Dinoot Trailer Kits are now priced in "Bundles" so you will know the cost of the kit.  You cannot add them to your cart until we secure a shipping quote.  We want you to get the best deal with the best shipping and everything you need to complete your Dinoot.  We will work with you to figure out exactly what will be your perfect Jeep Style or M416 M-Series Dinoot Trailer Kit.

I need more towers or corners than are available for a Trailer Rack No Weld Bracket Kit.

If you need additional towers or corners than what is available from clicking on the quantity box, 4, 8 or 12, just give us a call or email.  We design and build the Trailer Racks and Awning Racks which are exclusively offered at Compact Camping Concepts.  We are knowledgeable and able to get you exactly what you will need to build the best Trailer, Pickup Truck Bed or Awning Rack!

Why aren't your books available to download?

We are in the process of offering the ABC's of Trailer Building in a download format.  Check back or sign up for email updates on our storefront.  The Explorer Box Trailer Construction Manual will be available soon.

Is there a place where I can ask questions about building a DIY Trailer or Rack system?

Yes!  We sponsor a forum;, where we have build threads and all types of info about builds, what's going to be coming in the future and we are available during business hours to answer your questions.