Utility Trailer Full Rack Kits-No Weld

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Our full utility trailer cross bars and rack kits make it easy for DIYers to add sturdy trailer racks to most brands of angle-iron style utility trailers.  So far, with their wide availability, we have the most experience with Carry-On brand utility trailers.

Additional designs are available to meet many of your camping or multi-sport hauling needs.  Because each kit is built to order, it is easy to adjust to your specific requirements.  The full utility trailer rack kits use our exclusively manufactured No Weld Rack corner brackets and 1.5” .120” wall square tubing.  They come with the tubing cut and drilled to the specifications for your rack, ready to paint and assemble. 

Kits Include:

  • Proper number of Corner Brackets for rack design
  • Tubing cut to size with all corner joints pre-drilled
  • Hardware for assemble rack and attaching it to trailer
  • Caps of exposure tube ends

Price $219 - $379 

Contact us to discuss details of your rack and to get a quote.

Notes: This kit requires the ability to measure, mark, and drill 5/16” holes in steel for attaching your rack to the trailer.  You may also need to clearance drill the corner bracket holes.