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How to Build A Camping Trailer ABC'S of the Project

How to Build A Camping Trailer ABC'S of the Project

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Is DIY Right For Me?  How to Build A Camping Trailer ABC'S

Now Available Exclusively as a Digital Download!

ABC'S of Trailer Building is for folks with an idea of what they want in a home built camping trailer and are looking for guidance because they have not done a project like this before. It is also be a good overview for understanding what is involved in how to build a camping trailer and assessing if a project like this is right for you.

This guide focuses on Tent Topped style Camping Trailers tailored to smaller vehicles. Although you can “shrink” or “super-size” your camping trailer, even build it as a Gear Hauler without a tent unit; depending on what your needs are.

It’s divided into three sections; assessing your needs, work space and tools, and details of building.  This is not a 'plan' book.  It is an overview of what is involved to build a camping trailer.

The guide begins by helping you evaluate your needs and to start developing a plan. Then it discusses the minimum and optional tools necessary for a project of this type.

Next it covers the details of how-to build with a continued focus on good planning. Then wrapping up with some additional resources information.

When you need more space for away from home adventures, think DIY Camping Trailer Project and Compact Camping Concepts!

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