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Dinoot No Weld Trailer Heavy Duty Rack Towers

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Dinoot No Weld Trailer Heavy Duty Rack Towers make it quick and easy for DIYers to add crossbar racks on most trailers.  They are designed to handle heavier loads and rough off-road towing conditions.   

When used with 1.5” square steel crossbars, 4 Heavy Duty Rack Towers / 2 Crossbar setup is designed to handle the dynamic / in motion load of:

  • A 56” wide roof top tent in rough off-road towing conditions or a low, evenly distributed 150 lb. load.
  • For smooth on-road / well maintained off-pavement towing, they will support a 225 lb. low, evenly distributed load.
  • When setup in camp, they have no problem supporting a RTT and occupants.

The Dinoot HD Towers have an overall height of 11 3/4", are 11” from the attachment holes to the top and use the same attachment bolt pattern as Standard Towers 

Towers must be attached to a rigid, structurally solid vertical surfaces on your trailer.  Installing requires measuring, marking and drilling 5/16” holes.

For sheet metal trailers such as M416s, we offer backing plates to reinforce the attachment points on the inside.

We offer 1.5” square steel crossbars for use with towers.  There are also channel style aluminum extrusions and crossbars available from other suppliers that work with them.   

Dinoot No Weld Trailer Rack Towers come bare steel requiring painting to protect from rusting.  Note; bare steel parts may have a minor film of oil, fold mark, scuffs and minor scratches on them.