Dinoot Trailer Rack No Weld Awning Bracket Adjustable Kit - Standard

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The Dinoot Trailer Rack No Weld Awning Bracket Adjustable Kit is designed to work with our standard 1.5” DIY No Weld Racks. It allows you add and make telescoping a standard Roll-Out Style Awning from the manufacturer of your choice. When on the road, the awning is positioned the same height as your rack. For deployment, you telescope it up to around 6 1/2' for plenty of headroom on the trailer side and room to slope it for shedding rain.

The No Weld Awning Bracket kit has telescoping tubes with 6” stubs which attach to your rack top tube or uprights via standard Corner Brackets. The telescoping tubes are double drilled to reduce potential rattles.

Customer supplies two lengths of 1.5” square tubing which the awning is attached to and telescopes in the brackets.  

Adjustable Awning Bracket Kits include:
- Two Telescoping Tubes with welded on stubs
 - Two Corner Brackets
-  5/16” x 2 1/4" bolts & nuts for corner brackets
 - Four 5/16” square wire locking pins Notes:
Drilling is required, cutting may be necessary if the stubs need to be shortened.
Customer supplies 1.5” square tubing for telescoping in the brackets.
Contact Us us to special order with longer studs or custom attachments.