Roof Top Tents and Accessories for a Great Camping Trip!

Our Folding Roof Top Tent Units are compatible with mounting on Trailers, Vehicles, Trucks and RVs. They can be attached to most factory and aftermarket rack systems.
Usually the first question people unfamiliar with these Rooftop Tents ask is, why?

Here are some of the advantages of our Folding Tent Units versus a Ground Tent:

  • Versatile mounting; vehicle rooftops, on trailers, over the bed of pickups; even as an extra bedroom on teardrop trailers or RV's.• Rapid open, self supporting design that requires no assembling of poles.
  • Simply remove the travel cover and fold the tent open, it’s that easy.
  • The built-in flat sleeping surface requires no rock clearing, removing branches or grading for a level sleeping surface.
  • Getting off the ground moves you out of the 'critter zone'. No more surprise visitors like coons, skunks, snakes and ants in your tent.
  • In rainy conditions; no worrying about the strange 'natural attraction' run-off has for ground tents or digging protective moats.
  • Tents stay cleaner when off the ground and out of the dirt. Have you ever setup camp in the dark only to be dealing with the mess of an old fire it too close to your tent in the morning?
  • Packing up your tent is almost as fast as setting it up.

Unlike many “Internet Stores” we actually have personal experience with and use the products we sell. Not only that, we have demo units available for people to see in person and to crawl around in.  Not sure which tent unit is right for you? Based on your camping needs we can help you decide.

Compact Camping Roof Top Tent Accessories