No Weld Trailer Rack Towers

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Our No Weld Trailer Rack Tower sets make it easy for DIYers to build sturdy trailer racks tailored to their needs.

The Towers are designed for bolting to a structurally solid flat surface on your trailer.  They replace the Thule fake rain-gutter and rain-gutter style towers we had been using.  Depending on application, you will get 7”-9” of clearance from the top of your trailer to the bottom of the crossbars.

The Towers are designed to use the same 1.5”, .120” wall square tubing for crossbars that the No Weld Brackets use.  They can also be used with a number of channel style aluminum extrusion crossbars.

They work with Dinoot, M416, Utility, Teardrop and any trailer with a solid surface for bolting them to.

  • On Dinoot trailers, they are a direct replacement working with the standard rack reinforcement brackets. They provide 7” of under crossbars clearance. 
  • On M416 trailers, they bolt directly to the outside of the tub clearing the round top rail, using backing plates on the inside. You will have 7” of clearance from the top of the tub to the bottom of the crossbars.
  • On angle iron style Utility trailers such as Carry-On brand, they bolt to the top rail, providing 9” under the crossbars.

Installing No Weld Trailer Rack Towers requires measuring, marking and drilling. For further information and examples, there is a Tventuring forum thread on the No Weld Trailer Rack System.  We have just added a new thread about adding No Weld Rack Towers and cross bars on Pickup Truck Beds.

Made in the USA and offered exclusively by Compact Camping Concepts!


  • 4 No Weld Trailer Rack Towers

  • Available with Backing Plates.

  • Can supply a pair of 50-60" 1.5" square steel cross bars for $59, other sizes available.