Trailer Rack Kits

Experience the convenience of a fully-equipped trailer rack that comes ready to paint. No sourcing, cutting or drilling of tubing. Just paint and assemble!

Utility Trailer Rack

Complete Dinoot Utility Trailer Rack Kits - Four Sizes

Do you want a ready to paint and assemble trailer roof top tent rack?  Our complete trailer racks make it easy for DIYers to add sturdy, ready to go racks to their Carry-on angle-iron utility trailers.

Trailer racks are built with our Dinoot rack corner brackets and 1.5” square tubing.  They come ready to paint and assemble.

Racks come with two crossbars spaced 42” apart. Height is measured from the deck to the top of the rack. Standard sizes are:

  •  Carry-on 4’x5’ – 36” tall x 54” long
  •  Carry-on 4’x6’ – 36” tall x 60” long
  • Carry-on 5’x8’ – 36” tall x 72” long
  • Carry-on 5’x8’ – 48” tall x 72” long.

Contact Us for quotes on other types of trailers and style of racks. 



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