Utility Trailer Soft Springs Carry-on 4’x6’

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Currently Out of Stock.  New batch In production and expected to ship October 16 - 23, 2020.

The 4’x6’ Carry-On utility trailer sold by Lowes and others, is becoming a popular base for building Compact Camping and Multi-Sport trailers. Their lightweight, reasonable cost and small footprint make them a perfect starting point.

They do have one drawback, a 1700 pound plus load capacity. This is notably higher than needed. It makes for a stiff riding trailer because you aren’t carrying enough weight to properly compress the springs.
These springs are a direct bolt-in replacement for lowering your load capacity to better match to the needs of Compact Camping and Multi-Sport trailers.

They are available in a 3 and 2 leaf version.

  • 3-leaf has a 1250 pound load capacity
  • 2-leaf has a 900 pound load capacity             

They may fit other model angle iron utility trailers besides the Carry-on 4'x6'. To confirm if they will fit your trailer, check the distance between the center of the hanger bolt and center of the rear spring strap.      

Distance needs to be 22 3/4" -1/8”/+1/4”.

We recommend installing new u-bolts with your new springs.

If you are planning on moving your axle under the Springs to lift your trailer as part of the install, don’t forget a pair of Replacement Spring Seats for re-positioning your axle. 

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