Trailer Fenders M416

Trailer Fenders M416!

Trailer Fenders M416

We make the only Trailer Fenders M416 Wide for your M416, M101 camping trailer.  Whether you are building a Dinoot Jeep Style Trailer or upgrading your own.

Wide M416 Trailer Fenders Sold in Pairs

Designed for Dinoot M-Series and M416 Trailers

Wide M416 Trailer Fenders 37.50” long at bottom x 14” tall x 12.75” wide 
Made from 16 gauge steel

Wide M416 Trailer Fenders made with and arrive bare steel
Work with 30-35” tires depending on suspension setup.
With proper frame clearance, Wide M416 Trailer Fenders provide complete coverage on 10.50 tires and tread coverage on 12.50 tires.

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