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Compact Camping Trailer - First Rig

About Compact Camping

My goal is helping folks enhance their vehicle-supported, away from home adventures. My solutions are tailored to smaller, fuel-efficient vehicles, although owners of many vehicle types will find them useful. I focus on Tent Topped Camping Trailer inspired by the simplicity of vintage camp trailer. Being an “Extreme DIY’er”, my ideas are designed for people who enjoy the satisfaction of building something with their own two hands. I’m also starting to branch out into car camping outfitting.

My interest in compact camping began in 2002 after our daughter left home for college. We wanted to downsize our Rockwood tent trailer of many years, into something more basic, lighter, that comfortably slept two. We searched high and low but nothing met our criteria. Therefore, I decided to build my own.

An interesting thing happened on our first outing and many after that; lots of people stopped by our campsite asking if they could get a closer look at the trailer. Some where intrigued by the small size, many had never seen a folding tent unit, some where attracted by the shiny aluminum box, and others inquired where they could purchase one. This planted a seed. My normal “continue to improve mode” had me looking for ways to refine the trailer and researching the industry to see what was new. I began work on a pop-top style prototype, not satisfied with it, I shifted back to tent topped designs. That seed planted earlier was getting watered and trying to sprout.

Then it happened, after twenty-six years with the same company, I received a membership in the ‘Cast off Employee Society’. Recovering from the shock, I recognized the opportunities; a chance to apply my skills and knowledge to a venture aligned with what I like doing. That seed finally sprouted, Compact Camping Concepts was born.

Our team

This is a family run small business and we take pride in our customer service, knowledge and integrity.

If you have questions or comments please direct them to us at info@cttct.com or give us a call at 503-390-3152. We appreciate it!

Check out our websites at www.compactcampingconcepts.com, top-tent.com and Dinoot.com. There you will find links to our blog, forum and Facebook pages!