Built to Order Camping Trailer 3500 lb. Axles

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3500 lb. Axles Built to Order

Due to a large backlog and continued delay issues, we have suspended taking new Axle orders until at least July.  

Custom straight tube trailer axles sized specifically for your DIY trailer project.

  • Built with 3.5K trailer axle components and 2 3/8” diameter straight tube
  • Come with Easy Lube style spindles and brake flanges
  • Width can be sized in 1/2” increments
  • Available Hubs: 5x4.5, 5x4.75, 5x5, 5x5.5, 6x5.5
  • Arrive greased, assembled and ready to run
  • Comes with loose spring seat and lug nuts. Can weld spring seats on(+$22) if spring bolt center-to-center measurement is provided.

Formula to determine proper axle width:  width of frame(or whatever will rub the tire sidewall first) + 3”(for 1.5” sidewall clearance on each side) + (2 * tire & wheel combination back spacing, measured from back of wheel hub to bottom of a straight edge across tire sidewall)

Axle lead time is 3-6 weeks

Built to order Axles are non-returnable