DIY Trailer Welded Frame Kits

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Our welded frames are the perfect base for any DIY Compact Camping trailer such as Explorer Boxes, Dinoots or your own creation. We use a removable tongue design for customer flexibility in length and coupler style, which also reduces shipping costs. Frame kits require simple assembly and drilling holes for attaching the coupler. With the wide range of tires and wheels available, frame kits are priced without tires/wheels.  Made in USA.

Frame Kits come un-assembled, unpainted and include:

  • Fully welded frame with tub/floor attaching and rear stabilizer jack tabs
  • Removable square tubing tongue with HW
  • Standard tongue length is 4' 9" from front of deck to end of coupler
  • Pair of 31" premium trailer springs with shackles and HW kit
  • 3,500 lb axle with choose of 5 on 4.5, 5 on 5, 5 on 5.5 or 6 on 5.5 hubs
  • Axle U-bolt kit
  • 2" ball coupler with HW
  • Pair of coiled safety cables with HW
  • 1400 lb GVWR (Loaded Capacity)


  • $1299 Dinoot Compact J-Series Frame
  • $1359 Explorer Box Trailer Frame
  • $1399 Dinoot Extended J-Series or M-Series Frame

Available Options:

  • Extended Kayak/Canoe tongue
  • Rear Receiver
  • Shocks
  • 1175 lb and 1775 lb GVWR
  • Frame tied over the trailer box / tub racks
  • Off pavement, high actuation couplers
  • Tongue and rear stabilizer jacks
  • Tire and Wheel Packages
  • LED Lighting kits

 Note:  Welded Frame Kits ordered with a Dinoot Tub Kit bundle receive a 10% discount.