Jeep Pickup Closeout Panel Kit by Dinoot

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This is a Jeep Pickup Closeout Panel Kit used when cutting the back off a Jeep CJ-7, YJ or TJ tub and converting it into a Jeep pickup cab.
The kit includes a fiberglass Dinoot J-Series Solid Front Panel and bottom Extension Pieces.

The Extension Pieces are necessary due to the Dinoot tub panel height being the same as the rear of a Jeep, which is about 2 1/2" shorter than the tub height just behind the doors. Once the panel is attached, you fiberglass the Extension Pieces to the bottom of it.Then trim them to match the bottom of your tub.

For more pictures and details of our Jeep Pickup Closeout Panel, visit the Tventuring thread Wrangler Dinoot Pickup Proof-of-Concept Build. Also comes with an easy to print PDF file that has the full size filler panel templates shown in the above thread.

Note: If purchased with a J-Series tub kit for use as your bed, we will discount the Closeout Panel kit 20%.


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