Dinoot Trailer J-Series Bundles

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Bundles make it easy to purchase the parts needed to build your Dinoot trailer and you get a discount compared to purchasing parts individually. 

J-Series Kits are available in two sizes; Compact 4’-5” long to be more maneuverable in the back-country and Extended 6’-6” long for increased storage capacity while maintaining the lightweight advantages.

Included in the bundle are:

Dinoot Compact or Extended J-Series Tub Kit

CJ Jeep Style Tailgate

Tailgate Hinges

CJ Tailgate Latch Kit

Large Jeep Style Flares



  • Compact Tub Bundle  $1549
  • Extended Tub Bundle  $1599

You can also add a discounted Welded Frame Kit to your bundle.


  • Compact Tub Bundle with Welded Frame $2719
  • Extended tub bundle with Welded Frame  $2859


Here is an “Overview Guide about building Dinoot Trailers

Here is a “Tventuring Thread” with a collection of information, photos and Dinoot J-Series Jeep Trailer examples.

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