Utility Trailer Soft Springs Carry-on 4’x6’

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The 4’x6’ Carry-On utility trailer sold by Lowes and others, is becoming a popular base for building Compact Camping and Multi-Sport trailers. Their lightweight, reasonable cost and small footprint make them a perfect starting point. 

They do have one drawback, a 1700 pound plus load capacity. This is notably higher than needed. It makes for a stiff riding trailer because you aren’t carrying enough weight to properly compress the springs.

Our springs reduce the load capacity to 1250 lbs.  Customer's can further reduce the load capacity to 900 lbs by removing the bottom leaf of the spring pack.  Do this by undoing the spring center bolt, removing the bottom leaf and re-installing the center bolt.
These springs are a direct bolt-in replacement for lowering your load capacity to better match to the needs of Compact Camping and Multi-Sport trailers.     

They may fit other model angle iron utility trailers besides the Carry-on 4'x6'. To confirm if they will fit your trailer, check the distance between the center of the hanger bolt and center of the rear spring strap.      

Distance needs to be 22 3/4" -1/8”/+1/4”.

We recommend installing new u-bolts with your new springs.

If you are planning on moving your axle under the Springs to lift your trailer as part of the install, don’t forget a pair of Replacement Spring Seats for re-positioning your axle.