Roof Top Tent Insulator!

Roof Top Tent Insulator!

Many Compact Camping Trailers use roof top tents for sleeping quarters. For Winter camping, we have a new way to improve your tent's cold weather performance, an Insulator!

The Insulator clips onto the internal frame of your tent, like a tent inside your tent. The quilted fabric keeps cold out and cozy in for an additional layer of Winter cold weather camping protection. Insulators have zippered access to your windows, doors, and sky panel. They have a light gray color interior.

Our Insulators are designed to fit Tepui model tent units, but also work with most other brands 48”, 56” or 72” wide roof top tent units. If you have another brand of roof top tent, Contact Us and we will help you figure out which version to get for your tent unit.

Get your Roof Top Tent Insulator in you secure online store.

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Roof Top Tent Insulator

Insulator for Roof Top Tent

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