No Weld Rack Towers, Almost Here!

Only a few weeks left to wait! The first batch of the New No Weld Trailer Rack Towers is in the queue and expected to be complete around 10/17.

As with Thule racks, you will need crossbars to go with your towers. We designed the towers  to use the same 1.5" square tubing as No Weld Racks for crossbars. This keeps the crossbars budget friendly at under $40. The towers were designed with flexibility in mind, so many styles of aluminum crossbars with a bottom channel could be used with them.

The new Trailer Rack Towers are designed as a direct replacement for the Thule rain-gutter style tower we have been using on our Dinoot Trailers.   They were also designed to work on Utility Trailers, M416 Trailers and Teardrop trailers for adding lower height side attached trailer racks.  Basically any style trailer with a flat side can use these.

For more overall Rack information and lots of pictures visit the "No Weld Trailer Rack System"

 Trailer Rack Tower System DIY  DIY Trailer Racks Tower

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Hi James,
No, the towers are configured for general use. They are verified for M416, Gladiators, Nissan and a few other applications. Send us your dimensions and let us see what we can do! Thank you for contacting us.


Will the No weld rack tower come in different dimensions? I am looking at putting a rooftop tent on a m101 trailer with the military tarp still installed


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