D2 Series Roof Top Tent Racks

 Trailer Rack D2 Trailer Rack System

We will announce pricing and begin to take orders for the new Dinoot D2 Series Roof Top Tent Racks 07/19-21/23

 D2 Trailer Racks will be an easy-to-bolt together system just needs holes drilled for attaching to your trailer. Its towers are designed for attaching to horizontal surfaces. The custom CNC laser cut and formed crossbars will come slotted for direct attaching of rooftop tents.

As with all our rack components, they will be proudly made in the USA supporting American jobs.

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I am also interested in the bolt on RTT racks. Can I get more information?

Rob Zorger

Hi Carlos, we will have that for you on Thursday! Thank you for contacting Compact Camping.


Love to find out about pricing.

Carlos Fresquez

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